Long Wave Inc. Celebrates Their Purchase of ACE-HF Software

Today, Long Wave Inc. announces their purchase of the ACE-HF (Animation Communication Effectiveness - High Frequency) software from Richard P. Buckner, P.E. (Dick).

More than 20 years ago, Dick, the software’s designer and creator, working with Phil Miller, Long Wave’s CEO, created prototype ACE software for simulating U. S. Navy VLF submarine communications from the TACAMO E-6 Aircraft. The initial ACE-VLF software showed VLF communication probability and ranges between the TACAMO aircraft and submarine receivers undersea. After ACE-VLF, the Navy requested Dick to add an ACE-HF capability so TACAMO would have a complete situational awareness capability from a communications standpoint. ACE-HF has since become the ACE-HF NETWORK system simulation and visualization software now used as the standard HF system performance models used by U.S. government and military agencies.

In addition, a version called ACE-HF PRO has now become the favored HF propagation software model use by HF Amateur Radio operators and Short Wave Listeners in worldwide radio stations.

Phil has stated that he is pleased to add these excellent HF software products to the RF capabilities already available from Long Wave. These products include RF noise analysis and HF antenna models and improvements used in Air Force and the Navy contracts.

Bob Barth, user of ACE-HF NETWORK since 2002 and spokesperson for the updated HF software for Long Wave said, “Now that ACE-HF is available from LWI, HF system performance analysis simulations are available at a completely new level. The ACE-HF products have been improved by using advanced 64-bit processors that use Google Maps and Google Earth. These new animated maps definitely benefit not only operators of large HF networks, but also those HAM operators that use the HF bands as a recreational hobby for more accurate communications with other worldwide amateurs.”

Barth also mentioned that the new ACE-HF NETWORK software will be highly beneficial to the Department of Defense and other government branches that need enhanced HF communications at all times. The use of ACE-HF Network gives a better probability for determining which frequency either individual units or complete networks could use to reach their subscribers. Moreover, ACE-HF NETWORK is the only performance model that simulates HF ALE systems.

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