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Welcome to the NW7US Ham and SWL Book Store. You will find some hand-selected, featured books below. I try to highlight special books here from time-to-time. Enjoy, and let me know if you need help.

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NEW! Hello World: A Life in Ham Radio

Amy Fusselman says: "A beautifully designed love letter to...the critical but unsung role radio hams have played in service to our country."

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Featured Books

Morse Code; Breaking the Barrier -- by Dave Finley.

According to Dave:

The fastest, most effective path to code proficiency. After 30 years of frustration in trying to learn Morse Code, I stumbled onto a training method published by the German psychologist Ludwig Koch in 1936, and largely forgotten since. A few weeks later, I passed the first -- and only -- code test I ever took, the 20 wpm test for Amateur Extra Class!

Koch's training method was forgotten because it was ahead of the technology of its time. With modern microprocessors, anyone can use it now. It is not only faster, but it also avoids the frustration that goes with "traditional" code-training methods. I researched it and lectured about it to other hams, many of whom have upgraded their licenses. I wrote this book to help others upgrade their ham licenses and enjoy "working the world" on the HF bands.

The book covers not only the Koch training method, but also the fascinating history of Morse Code and how you can enjoy using it on the air. Morse Code: Breaking the Barrier is a complete manual on Morse Code training and CW operating.

The Friendly Ionosphere - by Crawford MacKeand, WA3ZKZ.

Crawford MacKeand is a Chartered Electrical Engineer in the United Kingdom, and before his final retirement from consulting engineering, was a registered Professional Engineer in the State of California. His working life encompassed microwave radar and telecommunications from HF to audio, while his amateur radio experience is from the early 1950s to the present, licensed at various times as G4ARR, WA2ZVX, WA3ZKZ and VP8CMY.

The publication of "The Friendly Ionosphere" fills a gap in radio's literature. While strongly based in the science, the author makes some very important aspects of the subject understandable from a users' view. Many years of professional experience in telecommunication engineering, as well as in amateur radio, ensure that the book is valuable and accessible to the ham operator and yet is particularly well documented for the field engineer.

The examples which illustrate applications in radio propagation include the still controversial questions of whether Marconi really did hear transatlantic signals in 1901, and where Amelia Earhart was when her transpacific flight ended with a massive but unsuccessful mid-ocean search by the US Coast Guard and Navy in 1937.

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Passport to World Band Radio -- Edition 2004.


I've received copies of this to review. This book has everything you would want to know in starting out in Shortwave Listening to the International Broadcast stations around the World. It is also very useful for those who are veteran SWLers. says:

Have a desire to be apprised of political developments in Swaziland or the Philippines? Wish to stay current on sports scores in Sweden or Uruguay? Then perhaps it's time to tune in to world-band radio, already heard by 600 million people around the world. Passport to World Band Radio, can show you how. The New York Times dubbed this book the "TV Guide for world-band radios," and that's a fairly accurate assessment. Passport is dense--it's much heavier than its compact size suggests--with articles, program lists, equipment descriptions, and the Blue Pages, a comprehensive channel-by-channel guide to world-band schedules. Whether you are new to short-wave radio or a long-time listener, Passport is your ticket to adventure on the world's airwaves. --Brenda Pittsley --This text refers to the paperback edition of this title

Passport to World Band Radio is the world's #1 selling shortwave publication, pulling in tens of thousands of readers year after year.

World Band ("shortwave") radio includes some 7.2 million listeners in the United States alone. This book features all the information these radio listeners need to know about the hobby, including sunspot cycles and world band reception.

The World Radio and TV Handbook -- 2004 Edition

Don't miss your new WRTH, the ultimate guide for the serious radio listener! says:

This is the ultimate guide for the serious radio listener! This latest 57th edition is the most up-to- date source available anywhere on medium wave, shortwave, and television broadcast information. All the world's national radio services are conveniently bookmarked, and dozens of color pages...

More Books on Shortwave

+ Short Wave Listening Guide, by Ian Poole.
This book provides a thorough introduction for those who are interested in the traditional area of short wave listening. It explains exactly what short wave listening is, how radio waves travel, what equipment is needed to receive a signal, how to set up and run a short wave listening station and importantly, and even how to obtain an amateur radio license.

+ Radio Monitoring : The How to Guide, by T. J. Skip Arey.
Using the explicit instructions in this book, you can explore the worlds of espionage, international politics, foreign wars, ships at sea, cellular phone activity, emergency services and any other arena where the airwaves are used to communicate.

+ Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair, by Joseph J. Carr.
Presents the history, theory, and practical operation behind old-time home, auto, amateur, shortwave, and CB radio sets, providing the detailed instructions and schematics needed to repair or rebuild them. Carr even includes a complete classic radio troubleshooting course, a capacitor/resistor color code chart for identifying radio parts, and vacuum tube pin-out diagrams that are often absent from schematics.

+ Collectors Guide to Antique Radios: Identification and Values (Collector's Guide to Antique Radios, 5th Ed)
Including complete description and over 600 color photos, this new fourth edition covers well over 5,000 models of radios. All listings and values have been revised to reflect today's collecting market. Written by collectors for collectors, this invaluable guide helps eliminate the frustration and confusion for collectors everywhere.

+ Machine Age to Jet Age III: Radiomania's Guide to Tabletop Radios (1930-1962)

+ Antique Radio Restoration Guide, by David Johnson
Straightforward instructions guide reads through choosing the best radio to restore, troubleshooting and repairing the circuitry, and safety precautions when making repairs. Additional information includes sources for parts, information on common vacuum tubes, and a glossary of technical terms.

+ Pirate Radio Stations: Tuning in to Underground Broadcasts in the Air and Online, by Andrew Yoder
Experience Radio's Swashbuckling Side! Listening to pirate radio is perfectly legal--and frequently an ear-opening experience. This book makes it easier for you to locate and tune in pirate stations--and tells you all about the unlicensed broadcasters who play David to broadcasting conglomerates' Goliath.

+ Scanners And Secret Frequencies, by Henry Eisenson
This cynical and immensely entertaining book describes the scanner world, the people in it, the equipment they use, and how they acquire and tune in to the "secret" frequencies.

More Books on Amateur Radio

+ The ARRL Handbook for Radio Amateurs 2004
The book is a must for everyone who is interested in radio circuits and more. It covers everything from the basics of electronics and radio, to more advanced topics including projects and modes of operation. This is a reference that should be on every Amateur Operator's desk.

+ The ARRL Antenna Book - Paperback 19th book and CD edition - Excellent Resource!
This is a great ham reference, for anybody who builds, designs and puts up antennas. Its not just for the HAM , it also can be for the shortwave listener that has a pricey receiver,and needs a serious antenna. Attn: serious FM DXers: Sporadic E theory in here! Also, for the AM listener, there is a lot of information on loop antennas. LOWFERS: There is a special section for you also in this book, in page 6-35 to 6-39. There is also some great stuff for the student that needs some extra information on the how radio waves travel. Also there is a EME section in here also for space hams, that use our moon as a reflector to get somewhere else in the world.

+ Antenna Design : A Practical Guide - by George J. Monser - Another VERY Excellent Resource!
This book was written to act as a guide to antenna design without the clutter of detailed mathematics. Through-out the book design examples, consisting of hard models, are used to illustrate the point rather than computer models where it is difficult to include the installation in the model.

Additional Good Buys: Starting Radios for Shortwave Listening:

+ Sangean ATS-909 All Band Digital Short Wave Receiver
Mid-priced, good portable all band receiver.

+ Sangean ATS-606AP Compact AM/FM/SW Receiver
Mid-priced, good portable all band receiver.

+ Sangean ATS-404 Digital AM/FM/SW Receiver
Low-priced, good portable all band receiver.

+ Grundig TR2PE Traveller II Professional Edition
Very LOW-priced, simple portable receiver.

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