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Below are stations scheduled
to broadcast in English
at 2223 UTC
(Days: 1 = Sunday, 7 = Saturday)
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FREQTimeStationCountryDaysXmtr LocPower (kW)
3195.002200-0100WNQM, Inc.United States1234567Nashville, TN100
3915.002100-2359BBC WorldserviceSingapore1234567Kranji (Merlin)100
4835.002130-0830ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Alice Springs50
4910.002130-0830ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Tennant Greek50
5025.002130-0830ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Katherine50
5110.000000-2359Allan H. WeinerUnited States1234567Monticello, ME50
5875.002200-2300BBC WorldserviceThailand1234567Nakhon Sawan250
5895.002200-2300VOA - Voice of AmericaPhilippines12345Tinang 1250
5905.002100-2300BBC WorldserviceOman1234567A'Seela250
5915.002200-2300VOA - Voice of AmericaThailand12345Udorn250
5935.002200-2300BBC WorldserviceSouth Africa1234567Meyerton100
5960.002200-2300Radio Romania InternationalRomania1234567Galbeni300
6090.002200-1000Caribbean BeaconUnited Kingdom1234567Anguilla100
6195.002200-0100BBC WorldserviceSingapore1234567Kranji (Merlin)125
7295.000000-2359Radio Television MalaysiaMalaysia1234567Kajang100
7355.002200-0400WRNO Worldwide, Inc.United States1234567New Orleans, LA50
7415.002200-1400Allan H. WeinerUnited States1234567Monticello, ME50
7435.002200-2300Radio Romania InternationalRomania1234567Galbeni300
7465.002100-0100WNQM, Inc.United States1234567Nashville, TN100
7480.002200-2300VOA - Voice of AmericaKuwait12345Kuwait250
7490.002200-2359BBC WorldserviceThailand1234567Nakhon Sawan250
7505.002200-1600WRNO Worldwide, Inc.United States1234567New Orleans, LA50
7555.002030-2359VOA - Voice of AmericaKuwait1234567Kuwait250
7575.002200-2300VOA - Voice of AmericaPhilippines12345Tinang 1250
9330.001200-0600Allan H. WeinerUnited States1234567Monticello, ME50
9350.002100-2359WNQM, Inc.United States1234567Nashville, TN100
9570.001900-2300Radio Exterior de EspanaSpain7Noblejas250
9580.002200-2359BBC WorldserviceKorea (Rep. of)1234567Kimjae250
9590.002200-2300China Radio InternationalChina1234567Beijing150
9590.002200-2359ABC-Radio AustraliaUnited Arab Emirates1234567Dhabayya500
9660.002100-2359ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Brandon10
9740.002200-2300BBC WorldserviceThailand1234567Nakhon Sawan250
9740.002200-2300BBC WorldserviceOman1234567A'Seela250
9790.002200-2300Radio Romania InternationalRomania1234567Tiganesti300
9830.002200-2300Turkish Radio-TV CorpTurkey1234567Emirler500
9850.002200-2359LeSea Broadcasting CorporationUnited States7Furman, SC250
9850.002200-2359LeSea Broadcasting CorporationUnited States123456Furman, SC250
9915.002100-2300BBC WorldserviceUnited Kingdom1234567Ascension250
9980.001200-0200WNQM, Inc.United States1234567Nashville, TN100
11695.002200-2330ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Shepperton100
11870.002200-2359Republic of PalauUnited States1234567Rep. of Palau100
11940.002200-2300Radio Romania InternationalRomania1234567Tiganesti300
11955.002200-2300VOA - Voice of AmericaUnited States12345Tinian Islands250
12080.002000-2359ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Brandon10
12095.002100-2300BBC WorldserviceUnited Kingdom1234567Ascension250
13620.002200-2300LeSea Broadcasting CorporationUnited States6Furman, SC100
13630.002100-2300ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Shepperton100
13845.001200-2359WNQM, Inc.United States1234567Nashville, TN100
15230.002200-2359ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Shepperton100
15415.002200-2359ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Shepperton100
15515.002100-2300ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Shepperton100
15560.002200-2359ABC-Radio AustraliaAustralia1234567Shepperton100
15590.001400-0100WRNO Worldwide, Inc.United States1234567New Orleans, LA50
15610.002200-2359Eternal Word Television Network, Inc.United States1234567Vandiver, AL250
15720.002145-0500Radio New ZealandNew Zealand1234567Rangitaiki50

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55 frequencies found.

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Frequencies used in Shortwave Broadcasts - the Meter Bands

Band Frequency
120 meters 2300 -- 2495 kHz
90 meters 3200 -- 3400 kHz
75 meters 3900 -- 4000 kHz
60 meters 4750 -- 5060 kHz
49 meters 5900 -- 6200 kHz
41 meters 7100 -- 7350 kHz
31 meters 9400 -- 9900 kHz
Band Frequency
25 meters 11600 -- 12100 kHz
22 meters 13570 -- 13870 kHz
19 meters 15100 -- 15800 kHz
16 meters 17480 -- 17900 kHz
15 meters 18900 -- 19020 kHz
13 meters 21450 -- 21850 kHz
11 meters 25600 -- 26100 kHz

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