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Welcome to the Software Resource Page at the NW7US Command Center.

Palm Pilot Software - First, My Choice:
  • HF Radio Logger (V0.1.3) by Tomas Hood (NW7US)
    NOTE: THIS SOFTWARE IS OUT-OF-DATE. Do not download it. I am working on a very new version, which will be out at least by Christmas, 2003. There is a current beta team testing and working with me on development. Check back for updates! The program is now called, "rLog" - and the main page is at http://hfradio.org/rlog/.

  • PocketBeacon
    Excellent - Track beacons in the NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Network. (See the NCDXF site.)

  • Earth and Sun version 1.2 for Palm Pilot
    From David W. Bray, who has other great programs, this is one of my favorite "grey-line" applications for the Palm. Earth&Sun is a program for the PalmPilot to show the Sun Illuminated area of the Earth. It will also display:

    - The latitude and longitude of an Earth location.

    - The time zone at that location, based on only longitude not civil boundaries.

    - The current time at that location based on the above time zone.

    - The sunrise, sunset times, and day length at that location.

    - The great circle distance between to locations on the earth.

    Earth&Sun can be used as a realtime clock if you have a Palm V or use a PalmPilot simulator on your computer.

    Because of time zone irregularities some will consider Earth&Sun to fall into the category of "fun and games". We hope you find Earth&Sun useful and enjoy it.

  • DotDash v1.0 for Palm Pilot
    DotDash is a morsetrainer for the Palm Pilot with features such as "Train Random Words&, "Learn Alphabet", "Recognize Random Abbreviations", has different speed settings, does morse text as you write, etc. DotDash is $10 shareware. You must pay if you like it and use it. Requires Palm OS 2.0

  • Now, General Palm Pilot stuff:

    PalmPilot DXing:
  • Palm Globe
    Palm Globe is a program which displays the Earth as a globe on a PalmPilot™, Palm III™, or IBM Workpad™. You can choose to view the globe from any direction, or select one of a number of 'standard' views.

  • EarthTime
    This program graphically shows world time zones and their corresponding times. Just tap on the map to see the time in that part of the world.

  • PalmPilot Homebrew and Building:
  • Electronics V2.6
    Calculates resistor and capacitor values, shows pin out diagrams for common connectors, cables and interfaces. Avaialble in English, Deutsch, Dansk, & Française. Writen by Kim Mølgaard.

  • Circuits Information 1.2
    Circuit diagrams, chip pinouts, usefull tables many formulas and other information usefull to electronics professionals.

  • Double E Calculator
    Ohm's Law (Power, Current, Resistance, and Voltage), Three phase power loads supported, Horsepower in AC circuits, including efficiency and power-factors, Kilowatts in AC circuits, including efficiency and power-factors, KVA in AC circuits, including efficiency and power-factors, Online help screens. $14.50 US

  • PalmPilot Morse Code:
  • Morse Pilot 3.0
    Morse Pilot is a popular and very comprehensive freeware Morse code tutor / trainer with decoder and encoder functions. Morse Pilot is intended for personal training (for example for radio ham or aviation examinations). Of course it is not a substitute for proper training or a real morse key... For more information see the README file included in the distribution.

  • Morse Trainer
    A program to learn the morse code. You can practice with groups of 5, q-groups, common abbreviations or get text from memopad, clipboard or lessons. $20.00

  • PalmPilotSatellite:
  • pSatellite
    pSatellite (pS) is a satellite tracking application for the Palm OS® environment. It provides visualization of satellite orbit position on a world map (Mercator projection) from any ground location you enter within pS. The core vector propagator within pS uses standard Two Line Elements (TLE's) available on the Internet and works for both low earth orbiting (LEO's)and geo- synchronous (GEO's)satellites. $15.00

  • PalmPilot Packet:
  • PocketAPRS
    pocketAPRS captures the major APRS system functions in a package which comfortably fits in a shirt pocket. Supposedly runs only on PalmOS 3.0 and higher.

  • Pilot VT100
    Pilot VT100 is a simple terminal emulator. It uses a very small fixed-sized font (3x5 character cells) and provides a 40x24 character screen. There are also buttons for escape (ESC) and control (CTL).

  • ptelnet 0.6
    ptelnet is a powerful communication software for the Palm Computing platform. By using the built-in TCP/IP stack (telnet mode), it acts as a Telnet Client. By accessing the serial (RS232 or IR) port directly (serial mode), it acts as a standard Terminal Emulator. And best of all, ptelnet is FREE! By Marcio Migueletto de Andrade.

  • PalmPilot Radio Control Software:
  • PCR Pilot
    Control Icom PCR-1000 with a Palm.

  • Ten Tec RX30 Controller
    Palm OS Controller for the RX-320 Shortwave Receiver

  • Yaesu FT-817 Controller
    Palm OS Controller for the FT-817 Transceiver

  • Another Yaesu FT-817 Controller
    Palm OS Controller for the FT-817 Transceiver

  • Bearcat 245xlt Controller
    Palm OS Controller for the Uniden Bearcat BC245xlt Scanner

  • Bearcat 780xlt Controller
    Palm OS Controller for the Uniden Bearcat BC780xlt Scanner

  • FT-817 Control
    QRGDB for the Yaesu FT-817 CAT interface

  • Propagation Software
  • SNAPmax 5.01 from Tyndar Press and Crawford MacKeand B.Sc.
    Check out the DOS program by WA3ZKZ

  • Ace-HF Professional Propagation Software
    Uses VOACAP - very user-friendly, with animated movies of propagation forecasts and analysis, and much more. Very well done. See my review in CQ Magazine, January 2003.

  • WinCAP Wizard 3 - a Very Good program running on top of VOACAP software. See my review in CQ Magazine, March 2003.
    'Skywave analysis with a difference' from Kangaroo Tabor Software. Also Beacon Wizard and other offerings.

  • PropLab - a Very Good Ray Tracing Analysis program.

  • MAC forecaster for MAC from Black Cat Systems

  • Propview
    PropView uses the IonCAP propagation prediction engine to forecast the minimum and maximum useable frequencies between two locations over a specified 24 hour period. Results are rendered in an easy-to-understand color-graphic display. Locations can be specified via direct latitude/longitude entry. Alternatively, PropView interoperates with DXView to allow location selection by entering a DXCC prefix, or by selecting locations on a world map; this interoperation requires DXView version 1.2.7. PropView requires a PC running Windows 9X, 2000, NT, or XP with an SVGA or better display. This application is free, and contains no advertising. Commercial use is expressly forbidden.

  • Skywave Technologies
    Propagation prediction for amateurs, professionals and the military.

  • Quick Guide to VOACAP
  • Rohde & Schwarz HF Link Propagation Software Wizard
  • Field-Aligned Propagation Assessment Program
  • Propagation Wizard
  • W6ELprop propagation program

  • Morse Code Training Help
  • Check out the KOCH method software: CW Trainger for Windows - it is GREAT SOFTWARE for Koch Training - A must see. Don't use ANY other software, if you are just learning. If you know some code, you can still use this to really get the edge on your skill. This is my recommended software aid. (See more about the KOCH method, below).

  • Morse Academy from AH0A/7J1AAA - this is another GREAT program, but more traditional.

  • Check out the Koch Method:

  • PocketPC Software
  • MobileLog by N0HRsoft
    This site might crash your Netscape 4.x onward - seems to have a Java / JavaScript problem. BUT THE SOFTWARE FOR POCKETPC is a great offering. Worth looking at.
  • PSK31 Software

  • PSK 31 1.06
  • First, get these two files: PSK GNR FRONTEND DISK ONE, and PSK GNR FRONTEND DISK TWO, then:
  • Upgrade for PSK GNR

  • Check out this page: Official PSK 31 page
  • Packet Software
  • Check out NL1JHT's site of Various Packet Software. Great!
  • Teletype Software
  • Uses Soundcard - RTTY program (Intel Machine - DOS/Windows)
    See English information
  • Logging Software - Windows
  • XLog Software. Great!
  • QSLing Software - Windows
  • QSL Maker by WB8RCR.
  • Rig Control Software
  • Software Geared to the Shortwave Hobbyist by Mark J. Fine.
    He offers Radio Listener's Database, Smart Audio Control, and more. Check it out.

  • MAC (Apple) Software
  • Time Palette - Like GeoClock...

  • MAC forecaster for MAC from Black Cat Systems

  • Support HFRadio.org...

    Looking for something specific?
  • If you are looking for something, let me know by e-mailing me at: nw7us at hfradio.org (just make that into a real e-mail address). I'll try and find it, also, and place it here for others to download, as well.

  • Some other software
  • Packet Links
  • g4fgq's software

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