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NEW: De-mystifying HF propagation and modeling.

Band Frequency
120 meters 2300 -- 2495 kHz
90 meters 3200 -- 3400 kHz
75 meters 3900 -- 4000 kHz
60 meters 4750 -- 5060 kHz
49 meters 5900 -- 6200 kHz
41 meters 7100 -- 7350 kHz
31 meters 9400 -- 9900 kHz
25 meters 11600 -- 12100 kHz
22 meters 13570 -- 13870 kHz
19 meters 15100 -- 15800 kHz
16 meters 17480 -- 17900 kHz
15 meters 18900 -- 19020 kHz
13 meters 21450 -- 21850 kHz
11 meters 25600 -- 26100 kHz

NEW: ACE-HF Pro - Advanced Ham and SWL Propagation Software.

ACE stands for Animated Communications Effectiveness, a coverage display technique originally developed for U.S. Navy submarine communications. ACE-HF PRO, Version 2.05, is the System Simulation and Visualization software for Hams and Short Wave Listeners. The ACE method shows a sequential series of coverage maps. When the maps are animated, a movie is shown that displays reception of the signal in question. ACE-HF's advantage is that the effects of the day's passage may be easily understood. ACE shows when the HF bands will be open in different world areas. ACE-HF is for Ham and SWL operators.

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Search for International Broadcasters This search allows you to enter a frequency, and find out which International Broadcaster is possibly using it. The Frequencies in this database start at 3000 kHz and end at 30000 kHz. This is the Shortwave frequency Range.

Remember, this is NOT a database of Amateur Stations, Utility Stations, Air or Marine Services, etc. In other words, you won't find a listing for 14255 or 1620. This database ONLY covers International Shortwave Broadcasting station listings. Enter the frequency in kHz.

The interface will be upgraded soon, to allow more flexible search criteria.

The data in this database does NOT come from the ILG data. It is a compiling made by Tomas Hood (NW7US), using HFCC and other sources.

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