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Check out the ACE-HF propagation software - the latest is version 2.05. ACE-HF is propagation forecasting and modeling for Amateur Radio as well as for Shortwave radio Listening and general HF operation. This software is even used by the military and other clients around the world. This software is developed and maintained by the same engineers that keep VOACAP up-to-date. As a result, this software is the most accurate user interface integrated with VOACAP. CHECK IT OUT, TODAY. This software is the most accurate modeling software available, and is endorsed by NW7US. Read the details to find out why.

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We are pleased to announce the NEW and LATEST release of ACE-HF - PLEASE view this press release.

ACE-HF PRO is the most advanced and the most accurate high frequency ionospheric radio signal propagation modeling and forecasting software for amateur radio (HAM Radio) and shortwave radio listening (SWLing) operators, in the World.

ACE stands for Animated Communications Effectiveness, a coverage display technique originally developed for U.S. Navy submarine communications. ACE-HF PRO is the System Simulation and Visualization software written for HAM Radio Operations and Short Wave Listener Operation. See the reviews, below, for the full details on the features for Ham Radio and SWLing.

The ACE method shows a sequential series of coverage maps. When the maps are animated, a movie is shown that displays reception of the signal in question. This helps you see in a glance what operating conditions are like during the period you are modeling. In addition, all graphs and circuit analysis results can be animated, to give you a complete picture of what's expected in the model you are displaying.

Below is an example movie created by NW7US that illustrates the footprint (area coverage) over 24 hours during July 2011 of a 25-watt and a 50-watt JT65A digital signal using an isotropic antenna. JT65A is a weak-signal mode, so using 50-watts is more than typical, but for the sake of illustration, is helpful in creating this movie that reveals the coverage that such a signal has even while the Sun is not very active. The ACE-HF Pro analysis for this movie is based on a monthly smoothed sunspot count of 25.

ACE-HF's advantage is that the effects of the day's passage may be easily understood, and can easily be changed during your engineering sessions. ACE shows when the HF bands will be open in different world areas. ACE-HF is for Ham and SWL operators. It offers easy-to-use features that give you an edge during your planned operations.

I have compiled several reviews and tutorials on ACE-HF, and on topics that are essential to communications circuit analysis using tools like ACE-HF. The following menu offers the online versions of these resources. These are edited versions of materials that I have published in CQ Magazine and in Popular Communications.


ORDER TODAY! To order, please make sure that you mention that you are ordering the program as a result of visiting and/or reading the reviews and information from this website, and from Tomas, NW7US. By doing so, your order will help fund the running of this website. Here's the link: ACE-HF main order weblink at Long Wave Inc. Don't forget to read the Press Release.

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ACE-HF - sample charts Some of the main features that are a real asset to any Ham radio station as well as to any Shortwave Listening post include:
  • Designed for Hams and Short Wave Listeners.
  • SWL International Broadcasting Simulations, and CIRAF Target Zones may be shown on area coverage maps.
  • 660 new HFCC International Broadcast Antennas included!
  • Animated circuit quality graphs of SNR, S-units, Reliability, Required Power Gain & Elevation Angle.
  • Animated antenna analysis charts, including 3-D views.
  • Best frequency, SNR & REL Summary & MUF charts.
  • Modify any circuit parameter in seconds.
  • Make simultaneous predictions for all bands.
  • Area coverage maps animated as a function of time-of-day, frequency or sunspot number.
  • Specify many new antennas for transmit and receive sites.
  • Includes database of more than 35,000 receive locations, + DXCC list & HFCC transmitters, with filtering & speed select.
  • Comprehensive Help Tutorials included.
  • Uses latest VOACAP as computational engine.

  • Two Programs in One: New propagation software for Short Wave Listeners, as well as for HAM radio operators, with improved features for Ham Operators.
  • New International Broadcasting Features:
    • More than 660 HFCC antenna models included.
    • New database of 642 international transmitter sites.
    • CIRAF target zones shown on area coverage maps.
  • Improved Circuit Group Calculations: Up to 18 SWL and Ham contest circuits may be specified.
  • Advanced Antenna Analysis Capabilities Included:
    • Animated analysis chart for current-circuit antennas.
    • Automatic comparison with predicted elevation angle range.
    • Animated charts for NEC-produced antenna patterns.
    • Fascinating animated 3-D views of antenna patterns.
  • Animated Area Ham/SWL Reception displays: may be made from any receive location.
  • Many other improvements have been added.

Note: By ordering ACE HF PRO and MENTIONING that you came by way of this website, and/or by reading information from Tomas, NW7US,, you will support the continuation of the Space Weather and Propagation Center and the eAlert service that I provide. We need your help to keep this website and the resources up and running for everyone's benefit.

ORDER TODAY! To order, please make sure that you mention that you are ordering the program as a result of visiting and/or reading the reviews and information from this website, and from Tomas, NW7US. By doing so, your order will help fund the running of this website. Here's the link: ACE-HF main order weblink at Long Wave Inc. Don't forget to read the Press Release.