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Aurora and Related Information

Up-to-the-minute graphical interface as to where the Aurora should be visible.

Aurora Forecast for today and tomorrow.

Aurora Images from the SEC/NOAA:

north pole aurora south pole aurora

Here is an updated, Observation Network, that you should visit. Tells you what is happening in the real-world.

PIXIE imaging | Other views of Aurora.

Where are you located, on the GEOMAGNETIC coordinates? The following maps allow you to compare the Kp Index (shown above) to a location, to find out where possible aurora sightings might occur. Check out the NOAA geomagnetic latitude map for your location:

[ North America ][ Eurasia ][South Africa & Australia ][ South America]

More on Aurora...

Aurora and the Kp Index - good information about how the Aurora is created, and how the Kp Index is a good indication of possible aurora.

Can Aurora be seen from your location? Here's a site with tips on viewing the Aurora.

Aurora Exploratorium - very excellent site.

Why do Aurora's happen? Here's an explanation from NASA.

Have you heard aurora? Check out NPR's story on a guy who records Aurora

Books on Aurora:

The Aurora Watcher's Handbook (Natural History) by Neil Davis

Starting at the basic level, the handbook begins with matters of immediate concern to someone who hopes to see an auroral display: what causes the aurora, when it is most often seen, and how best to capture it on film. Later sections provide a review of all aspects of auroral science... Order this great review of Aurora science, today!

Secrets of the Aurora Borealis (Alaska Geographic Series, Vol. 29, No. 1)

The dramatic celestial fire of the aurora borealis has intrigued mankind since ancient times. "Secrets of the Aurora Borealis" investigates the science and history behind the magic light of the aurora offering a comprehensive look into one of nature's most spectacular phenomena. Order this, today, and save over 30%.

IN THE NEWS: Auroral Kilometric Radiation (AKR)

Artist Conception of black aurora as observed by CLUSTER.  Courtesy of the European Space Agency. Researchers have known for three decades that the Earth is a potent radio transmitter, but they were never able to pinpoint where the noise was coming from. By using data from the four spacecraft of the European Space Agency's Cluster mission, NASA-funded scientists have now precisely located the source of that radio noise along magnetic field lines several thousand miles above bright regions in Earth's northern lights.

Though AKR is not detectable from the Earth's surface - the ionosphere blocks most radio waves from space at those frequencies - it is the most important and intense naturally occurring radio emission from Earth. Sounding like sporadic bursts of high-pitched whistles and squawks, AKR is emitted by Earth about one-third to one-half of every day at a signal strength as high as one billion Watts.

The most potent commercial radio signals on Earth are only 100,000 Watts, meaning that AKR would drown out much of our AM radio signals were it not for the ionosphere (a tenuous layer of electrified gas at the boundary between Earth's atmosphere and space).

To read more about this, check out the news article at - and, visit the headquarters for the CLUSTER mission.