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Check out the ACE-HF propagation software - the latest is version 2.05. ACE-HF is propagation forecasting and modeling for Amateur Radio as well as for Shortwave radio Listening and general HF operation. This software is even used by the military and other clients around the world. This software is developed and maintained by the same engineers that keep VOACAP up-to-date. As a result, this software is the most accurate user interface integrated with VOACAP. CHECK IT OUT, TODAY. This software is the most accurate modeling software available, and is endorsed by NW7US. Read the details to find out why.

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(Note: I am not the author of MS-PSK or the other PropNET software. I am not the originator of PropNET, either. I'm just a participant who really believes in the concept of all of us Amateur Radio Operators (scientists!) working together in any way we can to discover new things about Radio Propagation.)

Click HERE for the full PropNET information.

For PropNET using PSK31, you can use the following software (PropNetPSK).

1) Download the PropNetPSK program from the official PropNetPSK website by Steinkamp Software Solutions (N7YG): PropNetPSK is a PSK (Phase Shift Keying) program capable of receiving multiple signals (2 - 16) at one time for the exclusive use to decode a properly formatted PropNetPSK beacon signal.

2) Install PropNetPSK. Follow the default suggestions, for best results.

Directions on setting it up on 10 meters (Tune to 28.131 USB):

1. From the Setup menu, click Config.
2. Click on the Identity tab. 3. Type your current Amateur Radio callsign in the Call Sign box, and then do the same for your Name, QTH, CW ID (should be the same as your Call Sign), and E-mail Address. Select HY 10M in the Band drop down list. Click on the PHG Code button, to calculate the PropNET ID code. Finally, enter your Grid Square (see the PropNetPSK FAQ page if you need help).
4. Click on Computer Comms tab, and select your sound card, and choose the other settings per your specific computer hardware, and radio interface. If you want to send your reception data to the LiveX Host, so others can see your results on a map, select the LiveExchange check box.
5. Explore the other tabs, and set the options per your installation requirements and operation preferences.
6. Click on OK to finish the setup.

7. Don't forget to adjust your sound tx and rx levels.

You should now be transmitting at the default interval, as well as scanning for beacons (automatic).

Please - read the help file(s). And, visit: for more options and programs.

You might also join the group at - where we discuss the operation and other issues of PropNET.