path modifications

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path modifications

Postby ku4a » Tue Oct 28, 2003 4:44 pm

> On the shortwave bands, last night and this morning, conditions were fair. I heard some paths open that have not normally been open. Other paths were closed, that normally were open. This follows with the way conditions are going.

Tomas, this brings up something I have often wondered about. I don't really understand the mechanics of what happens here. I have noticed that sometimes when conditions are "disturbed", that some paths are severely degraded, while others are significantly enhanced. I would love to understand the technical explanation of this.

An example of where I have seen this has been on some of the roundtables I participate in on 40m. As expected, some participants who are "generally" audible may be completely unreadable, whereas someone who is "generally" weak may actually be stronger than normal. In these cases, the paths we are talking about are just a few hundred miles.

The MW DXers rely heavily on geomagnetic disturbances to "null" out stations that they otherwise hear well, so that they can catch stations that are usually buried under stronger ones. I bet you covered this in your upcoming PopComm column on MW DX.
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